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24 hour managed live chat for your industry

Searching for care for a loved one is often an emotional experience. So providing a personal touch can make all the difference. While browsing online may feel impersonal, connecting to a real person through a live chat is reassuring, encouraging and informative.

At Prosperwell, we’ll set up a live chat on your website and you only pay for the leads you generate. We’ll also manage the conversations 24/7 using our network of carefully selected agents. You’ll get to approve how they communicate to ensure the conversations always match your business tone and present you in the best light.

How does managed live chat help generate leads?

In the care sector, most website visitors leave without ever contacting your business. Live chat is a proven tool for lead generation, delivering powerful results by simply starting that initial conversation.

Create a personal connection

Virtually extend office hours to 24/7

Increase ROI on your marketing

The 10 Landing Page Commandments

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Direct communication

Rather than navigating through an entire website, many people prefer to ask their question directly and have it answered immediately. Even if they’re on a landing page with all of the information they need, the human interaction of a live chat helps to put people’s minds at ease – something particularly important for those seeking care for a loved one.

Live chat is a direct line of communication to your future customers that you can use to provide them with valuable information, make a strong first impression and capture their contact details for your sales team.

More time to create leads

People are busy. Chances are they’re trying to fit their search for care support around their already full schedule. That means searching outside of normal business hours when most offices and receptions are closed. But not being able to speak to anyone can make an already stressful situation even worse. This is where live chat, managed by a reliable agent really helps. With live chat, your lead generation and marketing efforts don’t have to stop when you do.

Boosting Care Leads with Live Chat

Download our free Ebook on how to generate leads 24/7.

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How optimised landing pages drive conversions

It’s not just Google Ads, landing pages also play an essential role in social media ads, organic search, and more. A landing page can be tightly targeted to address the exact concern that someone has searched for, with content streamlined to offer the quickest possible route to a conversion.

While your homepage might include large images and lots of navigational options, a landing page should present a direct user journey. Many will remove the main menu and strip excess content down to an minimum, helping the page to load faster and reducing your bounce rate.

The 10 Landing Page Commandments

Download our free Ebook on how to make your landing page a lead magnet.

Download here

Digital marketing support for the care industry

Your live chat can operate 24 hours a day, capturing leads when you’re not there to pick up the phone or answer emails. You’ll only pay for the chats that are deemed valuable, and all of your conversations will be stored in an easy-to-manage platform for you to review and follow up at any time.

Track and monitor the results yourself

Tracking where your money is being spent, and how well it is being spent has never been easier. Our unique, user-friendly platform enables you to view your campaigns in detail and listen back to calls generated, 24 hours a day.

  • All your campaigns in one place
  • Track your leads
  • Listen back to generated calls
  • See exactly where you’re spending
  • Produce detailed reports
  • Easily monitor your campaigns’ progress

"After Covid hit we dropped down to 13 beds, within a matter of 3 months we got the beds back up to 26 beds. To achieve that if you ask anybody in the care sector, it's unachievable."

Downhall Residential Home

"Using Prosperwell’s recruitment marketing strategy, we recruited 44 new care staff, in the first 3 months, with a retention rate after 6 months of 87%."

Bay Care Group

"We received approximately x3 the number of enquiries per month and on our best month we were up 106 hours per week. I’ve been extremely happy working with Prosperwell and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to market their care business."

Key 2 Care

"We have seen a revenue increase of 350%, per week. Prosperwell always offer practical suggestions, presented in a friendly manner that are relatively easy to implement so get on the phone, organise a meeting, have a chat and see what they can do for you."

Bluebird Care

"We have been working with Prosperwell for over 5 and a half years and we have had a fantastic experience & amazing results from our campaigns. We have achieved a 352% increase in 60 days, and a 512% increase overall."

Ramsay Health Care

"There are many digital companies who think they understand the care industry market , but to understand clients and Caregiver profiles, Prosperwell completely understands this. I regret not making the decision sooner."

Home Instead

"Prosperwell not only offer a market leading client acquisition strategy with an ‘Always On’ lead generation campaign, they have further supported our growth by running our localised digital recruitment strategy."

Berkley Care Group

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