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Professor Ian Philp

Season 4, Episode 5

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In this episode

On this week’s episode, Tobi is joined by CEO of Age Care Technologies Professor Ian Philp.

Along with being a CEO, Ian is a professor in the care of older people and is an advisor to the WHO.

In the episode, Ian explains the true needs of older people and why they are so frequently missed, Professor Philp highlights the greatest error the UK government made in the coronavirus response, and Tobi asks what reform the care industry needs in the next ten years.


Meet My Brian:

Age Care Technologies:

Podcast Sponsor is a web application exclusively built for care homes to organise, manage and control family visits during Covid-19 and beyond. They help care homes attain 100% visit compliance with CQC, Local authority and the Government. MeetMyBrian is the best available solution in the market to balance residents’ safety and emotional needs.

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