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How To Improve Your Care Business’ Sales and Recruitment Processes

Season 3, Episode 3

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In this episode

At Smooth we’re huge advocates for #carehome and #homecare businesses implementing strict processes into their sales and recruitment activities.

Therefore, on this week’s #TeaWithTobi☕️ we put Tobi himself under the spotlight to share what an ideal process would look like to get the highest ROI from your marketing campaigns.

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Resources mentioned:
Shared Spreadsheet – Google Sheets
CRM – Google Streak, HubSpot
Video Emails – Bonjoro

Podcast Sponsor

The Access Group is the largest supplier of software to social care providers in the UK. Over 8000 care settings use Access’ integrated, comprehensive systems to deliver safer, higher quality care with greater efficiency. Access’ systems for care providers range from scheduling and rostering, eMAR and medication management, electronic care records, care delivery, risk and governance, recruitment and much more.

Tea with Tobi

Get tangible solutions to the care sector’s most common problems from industry experts.

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