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The Orders of St John Care Trust

Meet the client

The Orders of St John Care Trust is one of the UK’s leading not-for-profit care organisations working solely to provide high quality care for older people. They provide reputable trusted care, support and housing to residents and tenants across 66 homes and 14 accommodation schemes covering Gloucestershire, Lincolnshire, Oxfordshire, Suffolk, West Sussex and Wiltshire.

Their offering to the elderly includes specialised dementia, intermediate, respite, day care and expert nursing. They were among the first care providers to employ its own specialist Admiral Nurses. The Trust employs approximately 4,800 staff and assists more than 3,500 residents. Their financial surplus is reinvested for the benefit of the residents.

The Challenge

The recent pandemic has affected the care home industry drastically, especially given the negative press coverage care homes have received. In light of that, the marketing team at OSJCT knew it was critical to change public perception and reassure their communities that they continue to nurture a vibrant and caring atmosphere during these hard times.

With every Covid precaution taken, they worked with us to create a story around a resident named ‘Molly’. Videos were shot via video calls to ensure her safety and edited afterwards.

The campaign was nominated for Best Care Home Marketing, Advertising, PR or Digital Initiative at a leading industry awards event.

We then built upon our learnings from this reassurance campaign and applied these to a recruitment targeted one, reaching out to those who had lost their jobs and were looking for a career change through social campaigns. Using employee shot footage, we captured the atmosphere and essence of daily life within various different homes, showing a real sense of unity and a reflection of what it’s like to live in an OSJCT home, whilst discrediting misconceptions the media had created.


  • Setting up a consultation to understand their business specifically and what their USPs are compared to competitors in the area.
  • Suggesting improvements on websites to ensure they are set up with all necessary calls to action, lead triggers and easy navigation.
  • Brand awareness campaigns over Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Customer acquisition campaign using various Google tools.
  • Targeted Google and Facebook recruitment campaigns.
  • Tailored remarketing strategy.
  • Implementing bid strategies to receive the maximum amount of leads for the minimum cost per acquisition.
  • Daily monitoring, management and refinement of the campaigns.
  • Monthly campaign meetings and feedback reports.
  • Getting to know the business and keeping a keen interest so we could constantly feedback suggestions or improvements.
  • Lead handling training with the key care managers to ensure everyone is aligned with the same goal and understanding.

The results

"Their digital brand awareness ads appeared over 10 million times in 6 months. Recruitment campaign resulted in 80 new carers in just 3 months."

"It has been great to get to know and work with the Prosperwell team. They have shown us as an organisation a fresh and innovative approach to our social and digital campaigns. The Prosperwell team has been instrumental in shaping and executing our reassurance and awareness campaign which has delivered positive results with increased website traffic and over 2 million views of our campaign video."

Matthew Wix, Interim Head of Marketing PR & Comms

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