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Kirklands Care

Meet the client

Kirklands Care Group is a family-run group of 4 care homes that provides high-quality person-centred care in the North West of England.

They believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live a healthy, active and fulfilling life, regardless of their age or abilities.

Those who choose to live with them have the freedom to make decisions about their own care, so they work with the service user and their relatives to create a person centred care plan.

The Challenge

When Kirklands Care Group came on board with us in 2019, they had just bought St George’s Care Home, a 36 bed home and were struggling to find private paying clients to fill their remaining beds.

They were using local magazines to advertise their services, as well as Google Ads and Facebook Ads but they were not seeing much success. They were only getting 1-2 private enquiries a month. They were trying to focus on St George’s Care Home as it is in a very remote part of Cumbria so it was especially tricky.

Kirklands Care Group then saw the amount of success in this campaign and are now running ads with us for 2 of their other care homes in Leicester – Meadows Court and Spencefield Grange.


  • Setting up a consultation to understand their business specifically and what their USPs are compared to competitors in the area.
  • Suggesting improvements on websites to ensure they are set up with all necessary calls to action, lead triggers and easy navigation.
  • Targeted customer acquisition campaign using Google.
  • Tailored remarketing strategy on Facebook.
  • Implementing bid strategies to receive the maximum amount of leads for the minimum cost per acquisition.
  • Using our Smooth Analytics platform to listen to calls, track stats and view live chat leads.
  • Daily monitoring, management and refinement of the campaigns.
  • Monthly campaign meetings and feedback reports.
  • Quarterly insights meetings with care home owner and client relationship manager to discuss further improvement of strategy.
  • Account manager working closely with client relationship manager to ensure that leads received were converted.
  • Getting to know the business and keeping a keen interest so we could constantly feedback suggestions or improvements.
  • Lead handling training with the key care managers to ensure everyone is aligned with the same goal.

The results

Went from 80% capacity to 97% in 6 months.

"Before starting a campaign with Prosperwell, we were doing leaflet distributions and putting ads in magazines, and we did see an uplift in the number of enquiries but that soon died down and then it became difficult to track the success of our marketing. We couldn’t see what was doing well and what wasn’t and our care home operators were also finding it difficult to fill beds. When we first started working with Prosperwell, we were at about 80% capacity and within 6 months we were able to reach 97% capacity, with only 1 bed remaining to fill!"

Alpesh Patel, Director

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