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Hythe Care

Meet the client

Hythe care is a highly respected provider of care for the elderly, employing around 190 people, who form their stable, committed and professional staff team.

From the friendly faces you encounter as you walk through the door to the tastefully decorated accommodation, the home cooked food and the warm and welcoming atmosphere, Hythe’s aim is always to provide a comfortable and desirable home away from home.

Their ethos is to promote a relaxing atmosphere of care and support which both encourages and enables their residents to live as fulfilled, interesting and independent a lifestyle as possible.

Hythe Care Homes, understand that everyone has different preferences and they are committed to ensuring that the care and support their residents receive is very much tailored and centred around them.

The Challenge

When Hythe first came on board, they had just acquired 3 new nursing homes, so they were trying to fill as many beds as possible in those. They wanted all homes 90% full.

Previously Hythe had been receiving enquiries from word of mouth, hospital referrals and of course offline marketing methods, however they felt they were not reaching their full potential with their marketing.

So using digital marketing methods, their goal was to increase private fee paying clients and their aim was to get 6 new customers over one year, however once Prosperwell came on board, within 3 months they had 10 new customers.

In February 2021 they received 26 relevant leads and their average amount of leads per month is currently around 18.

Their campaign also has an over 3% click to lead rate, which in the care industry is excellent and the average click to lead rate is around 1.5-3%.


  • Setting up a consultation to understand their business specifically and what their USPs are compared to competitors in the area.
  • Suggesting improvements on websites to ensure they are set up with all necessary calls to action, lead triggers and easy navigation.
  • Customer acquisition campaign using Google and Bing.
  • Targeted Facebook and Instagram recruitment campaigns.
  • Tailored remarketing strategy.
  • Implementing bid strategies to receive the maximum amount of leads for the minimum cost per acquisition.
  • Daily monitoring, management and refinement of the campaigns.
  • Monthly campaign meetings and feedback reports.
  • Quarterly insights meetings with care home owner and client relationship manager to discuss further improvement of strategy.
  • Account manager working closely with client relationship manager to ensure that leads received were converted.
  • Getting to know the business and keeping a keen interest so we could constantly feedback suggestions or improvements.
  • Lead handling training with the key care managers to ensure everyone is aligned with the same goal.

The results

"60% increase in admissions over the last 12 months. Surpassed their goal of 6 new admissions in 1 year, instead achieving 10 in just 3 months."

"I like the fact that we have a dedicated account manager, who has an in-depth understanding of the care sector. We work very well together and have monthly meetings where she will go through our campaign and give us an analysis on a month to month basis."

Amba Shaw, Client Relationship Manager

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