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The Cost of Living Crisis: How Digital Marketing Can Help You Through

Marketing changes as fast as the world does, in its essence, it’s made to take advantage of industry trends to the benefit of businesses looking to get their brand out there. Digitally, marketing has developed into a more efficient and productive method of communication. In the care sector digital marketing sees massive success in recruitment, filling providers occupancies, and getting those private hours.

What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing, also known as online marketing, is marketing that uses online and digital technology to operate. It is different from the typical billboards advertising and handing out. Due to its digital nature, you can utilise this type of marketing for much more specific and direct targeting, yielding better results for a lower investment.

Over the past decade, with so many developments in social media, and the way we operate online, digital marketing has evolved to be an essential tool for any business trying to get themselves and their services out there.

How can digital marketing help the care sector?

For care providers, hiring enough staff, and attracting not just clients, but private paying clients, are the two biggest elements that make the business go round. But with people’s lives and wellbeing in your hands, it isn’t always easy to find the time to dedicate to these particular avenues. After all, isn’t caring for people the priority in the care sector?

With digital marketing, you can specifically target those who are more likely to convert (do what you want them to do). Instead of setting aside hours going through hundreds of CVs that aren’t relevant to only pick out 20 good ones, wouldn’t it be better to go through just 50 CVs and find 25 great ones? Or instead of dealing with 30 enquiries only to find out just 5 are in the right area, wouldn’t it be nice to go through 10 enquiries, all who are local?

With our experience at Prosperwell, we see first hand the relief of using digital marketing effectively, to get those new hires, attract those private clients, and take the pressure off the carers, allowing them to just care.

Why is digital marketing even more important during the cost of living crisis?

Although a lot of people’s initial thoughts are to panic and cut everything they can, trying to limit expenditures and hoping you survive is a risky tactic. What you need is to focus more than ever on growing that income. The best way to do this is to attract private clients, and work to maximise your results while minimising your spending and time lost. With the targeting that digital marketing allows you to put in place, it is now more than ever that businesses need to make the investment, and get the results they want and need.

Investing in digital marketing for your care business is a crucial resource in grabbing prospective hires and worker’s attention, and tackling the cost of living crisis. For more information on how digital marketing can help you recruit more care workers, achieve full occupancy, or increase those private hours, download our free Ebooks from our Knowledge Hub, or get in touch today.

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