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Retaining Your Care Staff Through the Cost of Living Crisis

Inflation is soaring and wages are struggling to keep up. Along with the spiking price of food, fuel, and energy bills the current financial situation is putting a lot of extra pressure on people, especially care staff. All together, this is contributing to a high staff turnover in the care sector, with research indicating many more carers considering leaving the industry. Have a read of our tips to help give your staff some well needed support through this difficult time.

Wellbeing support

In times of stress, talking to someone who can help you find ways to regulate your worry can really help. Look into providing staff with free or discount counselling sessions, or even schedule a time where people can talk to another colleague about how they’re feeling.

Company wide tips initiative

Create a space for staff to share their own tips, tricks, and initiatives, providing advice for their colleagues as well as support. This could be a scheduled time once a month, or even a dedicated group chat on Whatsapp, anything that is easily accessible for everyone and gets the conversation and help going.

Pay and Benefit review

It goes without saying, the best way for your staff to deal with increased living costs is an increased salary. Reviewing your employees pay packages and looking for a way to raise their rate, ideally in line with inflation rates, is by far the best way to support them and provide fair compensation for all the hard work they do. While this is being sorted out, or failing this, reviewing the benefits they receive such as paid leave, discounts, and bonuses, could also provide support which staff would find beneficial.

Raise prices

Leading on from the last point, to help raise the funds for the increased salary, consider reviewing and raising your prices for clients. It can be a difficult conversation, but also a necessary business practice. Some clients will be understanding, knowing the situation for the people who care for them.

Investing in digital marketing for your care business is a crucial resource in grabbing prospective hires and worker’s attention, and tackling the cost of living crisis. For more information on how digital marketing can help you recruit more care workers, achieve full occupancy, or increase those private hours, download our free Ebooks from our Knowledge Hub, or get in touch with the team today.

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